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Our Wireless Videocam broadcasts to ANY TV set! Fits on the Rover, and just
about anything you can imagine.
Explore the alien landscapes around your home with an overpowered undersized micro monster - The Desktop Rover!
Laser Tag, Computer Interface, PTV Wireless Telepresence!

Try out the Live Telecomander Demo, in which you get to control a Desktop Rover over the internet and through a wireless R/C link. It's just like you had your own Mars Rover Expedition.  Java software is also available for you to set up cool telepresence experiments at home, school, or discotheque

Your Kids will have a blast with the Micro Wave Rider R/C boats.  Good fun in a puddle, pond or pool. They charge up on the transmitter and give you lots of enjoyment for the dollar!  A Great Stocking Stuffer!

Would you like to escape for a few minutes to enjoy a challenging yet relaxing R/C flight? Now you can! At only 20”, Plantraco’s new Microblimp is ready to fly another “Mission” in the smallest room of the house! You probably already know about our World Famous Twin-Turbofan and Tri-Turbofan Airships - well, get ready for the 3rd Generation of flying fun with Plantraco’s Microblimp.

It's Half The Size and Twice the Fun! 

Full Proportional Control is Yours - enabling you to fly Turns, Swoops, Spins, and Dives with  Fingertip Precision.  Check the Transmitter out!  No Antenna?  We have a full antenna inside! It's 900Mhz R/C.

You will have a great big smile on your face when you fly this miniature radio controlled wonder in your home! 

Amaze your friends when your airship dives at them from out of nowhere! Fly "missions During TV Commercials!
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 Introducing the Sky Buddy! An affordable R/C Airplane to learn theFun-damentals of flying R/C! It comes ready to fly, right out of the box - Just add 8 "AA" batteries to the hand-held Transmitter and your ready to go find your new favorite flying spot.

See it now!

At 3.6 grams flying weight, this is the smalllest and lightest Ready to Fly R/C Airplane ever to be seen. 

It's the no compromises Micro R/C airplane that everyone is talking about. It includes everything you need to fly - and ships to your door fully assembled and safely stowed in its own custom aluminum carrying case.

At Plantraco, the designs for our innovative toy products come from the dreams of our customers.  Our mission is to produce Radio Controlled toys that are too cool to believe. Controlling a miniature RC tank over the internet? check our Desktop Rover! Piloting a R/C aircraft in the smallest apartment? Our Microblimp does it in Style!

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Your Dreams are our Product Specifications!

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